Value of an Indian Passport

An Indian passport is issued by order of the President of India. As per the Passport Act( 1967), a Passport serves as proof of holders’ Indian citizenship while they are on international travel.

While travelling any foreign nation, Passport serves as the main travel document. Visa is a guaranteed stamp issued in the passport which permits your stay in a foreign country for a period of time. You can find all the international travel details of the passport holder in their passport. Foreign Travel. During 2018 all the Indian passport holders were able to travel 25 countries without a visa. All among the world Indian Passport is 71 most Powerful Passport. Validation of an Indian Passport is 10 years. Passport can also be considered as residence or identity proof.

Shop Act

When an entity employs people who may be casual workers, full time employees, contract based etc, to regulate the work conditions and ensure the workers' rights are protected, it is mandatory to get registered under the Shops and Establishments Act, informally called Shop Licence. The Shop and Establishment (S&E) Act is applicable on all the commercial establishments; viz, business centres, offices, warehouses, stores, hotels, eateries, amusement parks, theatres, etc, nationwide. It is one of the most important regulations required to be complied with for any business.

One of the important regulation to which most businesses in India are subject to is the Shop and Establishment Act, enacted by every state in India. The Act is designed to regulate the payment of wages, hours of work, leave, holidays, terms of service and other work conditions of people employed in the shop and commercial establishments. In this article, we look at the salient features of the Shop and Establishment Act.


Importance Of An Indian Passport

The Indian Ministry of External Affairs issues the Indian Passport to citizens of India for international travel. It permits the holder to do international travel. It works as an identity proof of being Indian citizenship as per the Passports Act (1967).

The Passport acts as an essential travel document to travel outside your mother country. In the Passport booklet, your visa to abroad country is granted and stamped. Which permits you to stay in a foreign land for several days. All your International travel details will be able to get in your Passport. It allows you to perform foreign travel. There are some additional perks of holding an Indian passport. Like in 2018 the Indian passport holders were qualified to visit 25 nations without a visa. In the world, Indian Passport stands as 71st most Influential Passport. The validity of an Indian Passport stands for 10 years. Passport also acts as residency or identification proof.

Importance of shopact (Gumasta Licenses)

Shop and Establishment Act License Any shop or commercial establishment that commences operation must apply to the Chief Inspector for a Shop and Establishment Act License within the prescribed time. The application for a license in the prescribed form must contain the name of the employer, address of the establishment, name of the establishment, category of the establishment, number of employees and other relevant details as requested. On submission of the application and review by the Chief Inspector, the shop or commercial establishment will be registered and a registration certificate will be issued to the occupier. The registration certificate must be prominently displayed at the shop or commercial establishment and renewed periodically, as per the act.


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